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Have you finally decided to go to tango school and take a tango course?
or just to take Argentine Tango lessons?
Do you want to become a tango dancer expert in this passionate and sensual dance? Are You Ready to Dance Argentine Tango?
Here, then you've come to the right place!

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In fact, in the tango school Tangoallegria offers different tango holidays for all Tango and non-Tango dancers. Tango dating events, tango school with Argentine tango lessons, tango stage, meetings, concerts, tango holidays and much more ... world of Argentine tango.

During the TangoAllegria tango holidays you will have the opportunity to take many Argentine Tango lessons for all levels, the important thing is to learn Argentine tango dance in a friendly, relaxed and fun environment with excellent qualified Argentine tango masters.

The Argentine Tango lessons at TangoAllegria are characterized by having a wide choice of Argentine tango masters. The TangoAllegria staff gives you the opportunity to choose the right teacher for you to make Argentine tango dance in a very fun way and learn it even faster. You can choose the teacher with whom you feel most comfortable and follow him in the lessons or change style, changing the masters among the different Argentine Tango masters

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TangoAllegria offers Argentine Tango Events, Tango Holidays, Tango Travel and Tango Intensive Internships to immerse yourself in the study of Tango dance, dedicating a weekend, a whole week, sometimes even ten days in a row or to offer you one of the mythical tango holidays that characterize so much. the Association and take advantage of every teaching received to consolidate it and immediately put it into practice in the famous "milongas", or places where pure Tango is danced.

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Tango in Rome or out of town, You will find nice people who do everything in a fun and stress-free way to learn the Argentine tango dance.

The Argentine Tango, Milonga Dance and Tango Vals lessons, Musicality seminars are aimed at couples or singles who can register with other participants in one of the following packages:

Our Tango School offers:

TANGO First steps week - Tango holidays are dedicated to those who take the first steps in this wonderful dance. Dedicated to the study in a week for an intensive basic tango course: Argentine Tango Beginners level to enter walking and exit dancing!
Everything happens in the Tango holidays. We offer you a study stay lasting one week for a total of 3 hours of daily study + 2 hours of practice distributed throughout the day in order to consolidate what you have learned during the Tango Stage. An intensive Tango course dedicated to those who want to take their first steps in the fascinating world of Argentine Tango dance. Take a Break and take one of our Tango Holidays!


TANGO Thematic stage - For those who already dance the Tango. A week of intensive study one of our tango holidays to deepen different issues related to Argentine tango. We offer you thematic tango holidays in which the Argentine Tango Lessons will be developed from a specific point of view of Argentine tango dance. For example, the technique and the embellishments, the musicality, the elegance, the poise, the choreography or the improvisation in Tango Dance. The in-depth tango courses can also concern Tango Vals or Milonga dance, which dances directly related to Argentine Tango. The tango holidays include 4 hours of Argentine Tango lessons per day + 2 hours of Tango practice to consolidate what has been learned during the tango course. There will also be moments of socializing and fun or relaxation during free time. To have a nice regenerating break, meet people and dance the tango


Tango HolidaysWhether it's the occasion for a trip out of town or a relaxing break on a bridge during the holidays, we take advantage of the holidays to offer those who are already experienced dancers moments of leisure linked to the world of Argentine Tango. We combine tango trips with the study of Tango alternating moments of leisure during the day with moments of study of the most passionate dance in the world. The Argentine Tango lessons for expert tango dancers have a progressive difficulty and are dedicated to those who have already been dancing for some years and want to deepen their mastery of the dance.

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TANGO One-to-One - Do you want an experienced professional all to yourself? do you want true masters of Argentine Tango dedicated to you who can reveal all the secrets of Tango to you? and that it gives you a mastery to move in this environment?

Tango Rome private lessons are the ideal choice for those who want to maximize learning time. It's like making a tailored suit, working on your mistakes, correcting them immediately without wasting time


In Private Tango Rome Lessons You will have a personal trainer for your individual tango lessons at home or at the registered office or other place to be agreed dedicated only to you.
It is possible to book private tango rome lessons alone or as a couple.
If you decide to take private Rome tango lessons you will have the opportunity to dance all the time directly with the teacher. Many times hearing and understanding a movement is worth a thousand words.
If, on the other hand, you decide to take a private tango rome lesson as a couple, the cost is the same if you do it alone or if you do it as a couple. If you have a steady tango partner, a dance couple, perhaps this is the right opportunity for you


In short, all the tango lessons when you want and where you want, to learn this dance from the start and become a real "milonguero", that is, a tango dancer or one of the beautiful Tango dancers!

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