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The most famous tango singers from Carlos Gardel to Roberto Goyeneche


El Dia Nacional del Tango or the National Day of Argentine Tango is celebrated every year on 11 December, the date on which two of the greatest artistic figures of Argentine Tango were born: Carlos Gardel of 1890, the most famous Argentine singer of tango song, and another great artist Julio De Caro of 1899, undisputed reference of the tango, violinist, composer and conductor. Tango is a complex popular genre that includes dance, music, song, fiction, theater and poetry, but below we indicate the eight of the best performers of the Tango song.

The Argentine Singers of the Golden Age of Tango

 Carlos Gardel photo Argentine Singers

Carlos Gardel (1890 - 1935

Carlos Gardel is the greatest reference in Argentine tango and singers. He is considered the inventor of this musical genre. Gardel was a baritone and his songs told the dramas of everyday life. Themes like Volver, El día que me quiero, Cuesta down, Por una cabeza and Melodía de arrabal entered the Latin American repertoire thanks to Gardel. His fame led him to act in 10 films. His tragic death in a plane crash in 1935 was the beginning of his legend.
Ignacio Corsini 

Ignazio Corsini (1891-1967)

Ignacio Corsini is one of the singers who rank a row below Gardel in popularity. He was born in Sicily, Italy, but grew up in Buenos Aires. He started out by singing Argentine folk songs and then moved on to tango. The sentimental patotero was his first success. His sweet and poetic voice made him a singer with great popular roots.
 Hugo del Carril photo Argentine Singers

Hugo del Carril (1912-1989)

Hugo del Carril was a multi-talented artist. Besides being one of the famous Argentine singers, he was a writer, director and film actor. He came to tango out of his admiration of him for Carlos Gardel. His career has had a rapid rise to the top as cinema has spread the image of him throughout Latin America. His albums and films have had unprecedented distribution
 Enrique Campos photo Argentine Singers

Enrique Campos (1913-1970)


Of Uruguayan origin, his real name was Inocencio Enrique Troncone.

Lucia her melodious voice and his great musical phrasing. He sings with the De Francisco Rotundo orchestras, but his time in the tango was marked by the unforgettable orchestra conducted by Ricardo Tanturi, joining the orchestra to replace Alberto Castillo.

Alberto Castillo foto Cantanti Argentini 

Alberto Castillo (1914-2002)

One of the most popular Argentine Singers and Argentine actor. Gynecologist by profession, he stopped practicing it to devote himself to his artistic career Singing with the Ricardo Tanturi orchestra. Castillo showed his ability to interpret the most diverse themes thanks to a perfectly intonated voice, masterful in the use of nuances and in the middle voice, which could give his singing both the tenderness or drama that some required, both the evocative or humorous tone for others. He took possession of the stage from the moment he arrived showing the handkerchief falling from the right pocket of his crossed jacket, the unbuttoned shirt collar, the loose tie, his way of taking the microphone and tilting it from side to side, his right next to his mouth as if he were in the street, his gestures and a very special way of singing projected the vowels. Since 1946, Castillo has appeared in many Argentine films.
 Raul Beron photo Argentine Singers

Raúl Berón (1920-1982)

One of the finest Argentine singers, at the age of 19 he made his debut with the Miguel Calo orchestra. Between 1940 and 1955 he was a member of 3 wonderful orchestras: La Orquesta by Miguel Caló, La Orquesta by Miguel Caló, Lucio Demare's and Aníbal Troilo's. Later I also sing with the Francini and Pontier orchestra.

 Roberto Rufino photo Argentine Singers

Roberto Rufino (1922-1999)

One of the Argentine singers and Argentine tango composer, known as "El Pibe del Abasto" or "El Pibe Terremoto" sang with renowned orchestras such as Anselmo Aieta, Carlos Di Sarli, Enrique Mario Francini, Armando Pontier, Miguel Caló and Aníbal Troilo, as well as doing it as a soloist.

 Roberto Goyeneche photo Argentine Singers

Roberto Goyeneche (1926-1994)

Before starting his extraordinary career as an icon of Arezzo singers, he worked as a bus driver on line 19. Roberto Goyeneche, el Polaco was an Argentine tango singer, known for his interpretative qualities and his particular way of playing. phrasing with the rubato. He is considered one of the most important performers in the history of the genre.

















































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